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Can apartments be shared?

Yes, it is possible depending on the type of apartment considered a shared
apartment. It is necessary that the tenants appear on the housing demand
to appear on the leasing agreement.

My record is on a waiting list, when will I get a reply?

An advisor will contact you as soon as an apartment becomes available
according to your position on the waiting list. No documentation should be
sent to Fac-habitat until an allocation of apartment has been made.

What are the supporting documents needed to complete my rental agreement?

The supporting documents needed to complete the rental agreement will
be the following:
● Two-sided copy of an identity card or a copy of the residence permit
for people of foreign nationality.
● Copy of the last tax notice, or a certificate of non-taxation
accompanied by the certificate of attachment to the taxed household.
● An identity bank or mail statement
● A certificate of rent to date or a certificate of accommodation.
● A multi-risk home insurance certificate
● 2 Identification pictures
For students : copy of student card for the year in school or certificate
of inscription (two-sided)
For interns : copy of internship certification
For workers : copies of last 3 payslips.
For researchers : two-sided copy of certificate/convention of
laboratory stage.
For people performing civic duties : copy of volunteer card

For the joint guarantee(s), the copies of the following documents:
● Two-sided copy of an identity card
● A recent bank or postal statement of their name
● The last 3 payslips, the last pension slips for retirees or the balance
sheet simplified for all self-employed workers.
● Two-sided copy of the last tax notice
● The last bill for electricity, water or gas

Will there be additional fees during the reservation of my apartment?

No fees will be needed for the reservation of a Fac-Habitat apartment, the
first payment will be paid by check, after the distribution of an apartment, it
corresponds to the guaranteed deposit and to the first month of rent.

Can a minor rent an apartment?

Yes, a minor can rent a Fac-Habitat apartment, a specific administered
procedure will be placed. In effect, all contract documents will need to be
signed by the legal representative.

Are there apartments adaptable to people with impared movements?

Fac-Habitat holds available apartments for students with impaired
movements (it is important to include it in the housing demand). In addition,
Fac-Habitat is partnered with Handivalise in order to facilitate the
displacement of handicapped people.

Are the bathrooms and toilets private?

Yes, all apartments possess both private clean bathrooms and clean
Only the residence of Meaux, Nanterre and le Mans offer apartment type
‘duos’ where private rooms such as the kitchen may be shared.

What is the guaranteed deposit? What is it for?

The guaranteed deposit is a sum paid by the tenants of FAC-HABITAT to
guarantee the execution of these rent obligations.

What should you do in case of abandonment?

It is necessary to quickly contact the rental advisor in charge of your file in
order to inform them about your abandonment.

How can I reserve an apartment?

In order to access an apartment within the residences of Fac-habitat, select
the residence of your choice, then the apartment type of your choice, then
click on « d époser une demande » , create your account and complete the
housing demand application.
Your demand will be treated within the shortest delays and you will receive
a mail informing you the progress of your file.

Is a short stay possible?

A short stay is possible in the period from the 1st of January to the 31st of
August in special residences only, for more information, contact the service
location of the residence.

What kind of moral guarantor can I select?

1/ VISALE (shared housing) free plan for students and young workers from
18 to 30 years of age.
To make your VISALE request, connect to and return to us
the surety bond (“acte de cautionnement”).
2/ GARANTME payment plan of all:
Payment Amount: 3 % of the rental amount (instead of 3.5%, thanks to the
promo code: FAC-HABITAT2019).
To make your GARANTME request, connect to and
return to us the surety bond (“acte de cautionnement”).
Addressed to all except students with scholarships.
The demand regarding the bank must be completed before the signature of
the lease for an amount of 15 000 €.
4/ Enterprise
Addressed to all candidates eligible to the award criteria FAC HABITAT
The deposit engagement must be signed by the legal representative of the

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor engages in the fulfillment of your unpaid bills, there exists 2
types of guarantors:
The physical guarantor is a friend or relative who is responsible for you in
case of unpaid bills and who will be prosecuted and convicted like you in
front of a competent court.
The moral guarantor is an organization who substitutes the physical
guarantor in order to assume the same role and who will engage in a
procedure against you for the payment of the sums advanced. FAC
HABITAT will engage in the eviction proceedings.

What costs are included in the rental charges?

The rents include the common charges of the building and the separate
charges of the water, electricity*, internet and heaters*.
* Except the following residences: Les Marronniers (Saint-Denis), Les
Hauts Bois (Noisy le Grand) and Marcel Pagnol (Lognes).

What is the duration of the leasing agreement?

For students, interns, professors, researchers, the contract is set for a
duration of 1 year with automatic renewal.
For workers under the age of 30, the contract must be ended on the 31st of
August, and the automatic renewal is not applicable by default.

What is included in the first payment?

The first payment includes the guaranteed deposit, the first month of rent by proportion.

What are the conditions of admission?

Fac-habitat can accomodate students, researchers or professors without
age limits along with any person in formations or internships, professional
or apprenticeship contract owners and young workers under the age of 30
not surpassing the limited resources set by the state.

What are the steps to make a reservation?

After registering your housing demand on the Fac-habitat site,
1) Your file will be reviewed
2) The file is put on a waiting list (it will become « file accepted under
availability » ) or refused (does not correspond to the admission
3) Allocation of an apartment in case of availability
The supporting documents will only be required if an apartment has been
assigned to you.
When your file is complete, we will be able to proceed to the apartment
conditions and the transfer of keys.


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