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How will my apartment state of entry function?

The apartment state of entry is a document signed by the tenant and
Fac-Habitat, which serves to depict the apartment state upon entry in the
place. It allows in a type of way to “photograph” the state of the apartment
before your arrival and transfer of the keys.
It is important for the 2 parties to notify by writing the findings made
concerning the apartment. It will be the same when you leave.

What are the equipment of my apartment?

The majority of the Fac-habitat apartments are furnished with a table,
chairs, bed(s) or convertible sofa, desk and library. They contain a kitchen
area with a sink, hotplates and fridge ; as well as a shower and toilet.

Who should I address to rent a parking space?

For all parking demand, you will need to contact your rental advisor or the
care and maintenance manager.

How can I pay my rent?

The automatic payment is the most commonly used payment method
because it is quick and simple.
You will need to complete the SEPA mandate proposed when signing your
lease and then no more forgetfulness.
No need to worry about your rent, the amount of your rent is automatically
debited, on the last day of the month, on the bank account registered, in
taking into account the APL or ALS received.
If necessary, you can pay your rent by credit card from your tenant space
or to pay by bank transfer or check.
Rents must be paid a the expired time.

Can I have a pet?

Pets are tolerated in the building with the express conditions that they will
not disturb the collective life of the residence, with the exception of 1st
class dogs (attack dogs) who are strictly prohibited. Tolerated pets should
not roam in the common areas.

What is the housing assistance? How do you get it?

The APL or ALS are aids paid by the Caisse d’Allocation Familiale which
you can benefit (according to certain criteria). A rental certificate will be
sent to you when signing the lease. The file must be submitted by you, to
the CAF, before the end of the first month of entering the apartment.
We advise you to simulate the calculation of housing aid of the apartment
in which you can benefit.
Note: You will only be able to benefit from this aid if the apartment
subcontract rental is under your name. On the other hand, it cannot be
combined with family allowances. Finally, it should be noted that only the
main rent and service charge are to declare on your request because the
apartments are approved, the furniture are not compatible in the
calculations of your rights nevertheless this does not lower the amount of
your aids.

Can the housing assistance be paid into my account and not the Fac-habitat?

No, the APL is automatically paid on the account of FAC-HABITAT and is deducted from the rent.

Can I receive friends in my apartment?

It is definitely possible to receive friend(s) in your apartment in the circumstance in which this does not disturb the life conditions of the habitants in the residence.

Is home insurance compulsory?

The insurance of your apartment and your furniture is required. It will be
taken before entering the premises, and will be presented to Fac-Habitat at
the latest when you hand over the keys.
When signing your lease, in order to facilitate your administrative
procedures, Fac-Habitat will offer you a multi-risk home insurance.
Its importance is real and will cover the property in the event of rental risks.
You should create your insurance certificate every year.

Is it possible to terminate the lease?

Yes, you can terminate your lease at any moment in respect to delays of the notice.

Where and how should I send my notice?

Your notice should be sent by recommended letter with AR to the following address:

Your notice must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. It must be sent to the following address: For the residences Abélard, Athénée, Bon temps, Carmagnole, Chauvelles, Colombier, Compas, Ecrivains, Gondoles, Leo ferre, Marne, Maison des étudiants du Rhône, Pablo Picasso (Val de Marne), Pyramide, Rabelais, Saint Exupéry, Van gogh (La Rochette) the notice must be sent to the address of the residence.

For the residences in region of IDF & Stasbourg and Lille :
Building Le Rond Point
8, mail Barthelemy Thimonnier
CS 60 644
77437 MARNE LA VALLEE Cedex 02

For the residences of Nice, Beausoleil, Lyon, Toulon, La Valette & Nîmes:
Residence Norbert Segard
Street Henri Pertus
83000 TOULON

For the residences of Marseille, Gardanne & Avignon (Montfavet) :


Le Tertia II
5, rue Charles Duchesne - BP 60

For the residences of Bastia :


Résidence Viva Cita
253, route d'Agliani
20600 Bastia

For the residences of Fréjus & Saint-Raphaël :


Résidence La maison des étudiants
36, rue Leopold Senghor
83 600 Fréjus

For the residences in the region Ouest except Le Mans :
Residence De La Salle
75, boulevard Michelet
44300 NANTES

For the residence of Mans :
Residence Le Ribay
21, boulevard Georges Melies
72 000 LE MANS

What is the duration of my notice?

The duration of the departing notice is from 1 month or 3 months (see the general conditions of your sub-contract) from the date of receipt of mail.
It is noted that the housing aids are not paid if you leave the apartment during the month.

Can I leave my apartment before the end of my notice?

You can leave your apartment before the end of your notice while you are liable for rent and charges during the effective period of the notice.

How do I report a technical problem?

For all technical problems and to ensure a better follow-up, it is
recommended to make an incident report on the FAC web application of
You have the possibility to contact the care and maintenance manager of
your residence.

Who should I contact in case of a problem?

For any administrative request, you should contact your rental advisor.
For any technical request, you must contact the care and maintenance manager of your residence.
For any rental management request, you must contact the management department available at 04 42 37 17 60.

What do I do if I lose my keys?

We advise you to first contact the maintenance manager and maintenance
of the residence. You can also approach your bank insurance or
subsequently your home insurance.

When will my security deposit be refunded and how?

The security deposit will be returned to the sub-tenant within one month that the state of exit is conformed to the state of entry or within two months in other cases after the return of the keys where there will be the debit deduction if you are in default.
If you are debited, it will be refunded by bank transfer to the direct debit account, otherwise you will receive a check letter to the address indicated during the state of exit.

How do I properly maintain my apartment?

It is a system that allows you to renew the air that circulates in your home,
as well as the evacuation of humidity and dust in order to mitigate the risks
of mold, fungus in damp rooms, detachment of your wallpaper…
You should never block them.
You must clean them once a month.
To do this, remove the cover completely, clean the grill and the membrane
which is found inside with soapy water, dry everything and put back the
cover in place.
Finally, to avoid condensation problems in your bathroom, take the habit of
leaving your door open, mainly after taking your shower to allow better
ventilation of the room.

Air entrances
They are located on the windows of your home and allow air to enter them.
Under no circumstances should you block them.
You should clean them quarterly.

The fridge
Remember to defrost it every month. Leave the thermostat on 3. When you
are away turn down the thermostat unless food is present in your freezer. If
you cut your electricity while going on vacation, remember to open the door
of the fridge.

Electric plates
You should never wash them with plenty of water, use a damp sponge with
a cleaning product.

When your plates break down, you’ve gotten them too wet. In this case,
wait 2 or 3 days before using them again for them to dry. If the problem
persists, notify your care and maintenance manager.

How can I prepare my state of exit?

FAC-HABITAT will offer you the possibility of an advisory visit by
appointment before your final state of exit, it is highly recommended. Free,
it allows you to know the possible repairs at your expense as well as the
estimated cost.
The state of exit will be made at the time of your departure, upon return of
the keys. It is important for both parties to notify in writing the findings made
regarding the apartment.

Can the date of my direct debiting be changed?

A single date of direct debit is set up at FAC-HABITAT, it is therefore impossible to modify the date, it will be then necessary to consider other payment methods.

I left my apartment, CAF is asking me for a refund that you have perceived, how do I proceed?

You have no action to take, FAC-HABITAT takes care of reimbursing CAF.

My banking details have changed, how do I modify my SEPA direct debiting?

To modify your banking details, simply contact your rental advisor in order
to complete a new SEPA mandate and to supply your new RIB. If the
account holder changes, you will also have to provide the mobile number
and the email of the new holder.

Is a housing tax to be expected?

This tax is due when you occupy the premises on January 1 of the year tax.
However, in some cases you can benefit from a total or partial exemption.
In this case, just send a recommendation letter to the tax center for an
exemption request.

My contract is expiring, how can I renew it?

If you are a student, teacher, researcher, no cost will be performed, your
contract is automatically renewed.
If your contract has been signed for a fixed period ending on August 31,
you should contact your rental advisor to find out about any renewal
If you do not have student status and you are over the age of 30 years, no
renewal is possible.

When will my rent be paid?

Your rent is to be paid at the expiry date, or the last day of the month.

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