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A simple way to find my accommodation in 4 stages

Step 1
Choose your rental
Choose the city for the residence you want using the map of France in "our residences". The description of the chosen residence will then appear. You can now book your choice of apartment by clicking "Book". 
Step 2
Put your file together
You must complete an information form about you and one about your guarantor after confirming your choice of apartment. We will process your file as soon as possible once it has been sent.  
Step 3
Sign your lease online
After your application has been accepted and a rental has been allocated, you'll have access to your rental contract and appendixes. You have 5 days to initial and sign the documents and return them to us with items to confirm your booking. The dates for the inventory and key handover will be...
Step 4
Welcome home!

Why choose Fac-Habitat?

Facilities, student-friendly prices and experience to boot

Une application au service de ses locataires !

Une application au service de ses locataires !

Payez votre loyer en un seul clic, gérez vos documents et déclarez vos incidents en ligne

Une application au service de ses locataires !

All-inclusive prices

Rent includes accommodation, service charges, bills…

No commitment and free

No commitment and free

No commitment and free online lease

30 years of experience

35 ans d'expérience

in supporting students in property rental

Green electricity

Green electricity

Accommodation is powered by electricity from renewable sources

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