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How to reserve your accommodation

1st step: Choose your housing

From the map of France available via the «Our residences» tab, select the city of the desired residence. Then go to the descriptive sheet of the residence selected. You can then reserve the apartment of your choice from the list of immediate availabilities or reserve a type of housing by clicking on: Réserver

2nd step: Putting together your application file

After having confirmed the choice of your apartment, you must then complete an information sheet about you and another concerning your guarantor. Once your file has been validated, we will process it as soon as possible.

3rd step: Validating your apartment reservation

Once your application has been accepted, and housing allocated, you will receive your rental contract and its annexes. You then have to send them back to us within a period of 5 days initialled and signed along with the parts allowing the final confirmation of your reservation. The schedule of condition appointment and the handing over of the keys will be then made based on your accommodation arrival date.

For any other request, please contact our advisers by phone or via the contact form.

The benefits of the online lease

This service is unique, it allows you to reserve your accommodation and to conclude your rental contract without having to go anywhere...

  • Speed: You can quickly reserve housing and therefore reduce the processing time of your file.
  • Exclusivity: When you have selected the accommodation of your choice, it is automatically removed from the list of available offerings. Then, you are the only applicant for this housing until the manager makes their final decision.
  • Security: The online lease system is secure, so that the exchange of information between the internet user and the manager can be made in full confidentiality and security.
  • Free: This service is free for the Internet user, apart from internet connection costs.

A simple way to find my accommodation in 4 stages

Step 1
Choose your rental
Choose the city for the residence you want using the map of France in "our residences". The description of the chosen residence will then appear. You can now book your choice of apartment by clicking "Book". 
Step 2
Put your file together
You must complete an information form about you and one about your guarantor after confirming your choice of apartment. We will process your file as soon as possible once it has been sent.  
Step 3
Sign your lease online
After your application has been accepted and a rental has been allocated, you'll have access to your rental contract and appendixes. You have 5 days to initial and sign the documents and return them to us with items to confirm your booking. The dates for the inventory and key handover will be...
Step 4
Welcome home!

Pourquoi choisir

For its services, its adapted prices, and experience in addition

User-friendly application for accommodation

User-friendly application
for accommodation

An application dedicated to tenants for online leases and simplified procedures.

Rent withoutsurprises

Rent without

 The rent only incudes charges and contribution. Application fees do not apply.

Maintaining Environmentalsustainability

Maintaining Environmental

Actions include : energy savings and eco-gesture awareness

Convenient for students

Convenient for

Close to campuses, well connected, with services (laundry, bike parking, etc.) and furnished accommodation

Experience in supporting tenants' needs

Experience in supporting tenants' needs

Dedicated activities in residence: welcome drinks, health workshops, etc.