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Belle Isle
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Student residence Belle Isle Maisons-laffitte

The Belle-Isle Residence is in a stunning setting close to the Château de Maison-Laffitte, with a superb view of the Seine. Students at the Paris 10 Nanterre and the schools in the La Défense business centre will be especially happy that they can walk to their lectures every day. The RER A "Maisons Laffitte" station is situated by the town hall less than ten minutes away.

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3, rue de Paris - 78600 Maisons-laffitte
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  • Lycée Evariste Galois - College (2.06km)
  • Lycée Les Pierres Vives - College (3.58km)
  • Lycée Jean Jaurès - College (5.26km)
  • Cesi Paris-nanterre - Engineering college (5.36km)
  • Lycée Romain Rolland - College (5.51km)
  • Institut Universitaire De Technologie, Site D'argenteuil - Technology college (5.75km)
  • Université Paris-ouest Nanterre-la-défense - Paris 10 - Paris West University Nanterre La Défense (5.94km)
  • Ufr Littératures, Langages Et Philosophie - Literature, language and philosophy department (5.94km)
  • Ufr Des Langues Et Des Cultures É1trangères - Foreign language and culture department (5.94km)
  • Ufr Sciences Sociales Et Administrative - Social and administrative science department (5.94km)

Student accommodation in Maisons-Laffitte

Living in Maisons Laffitte

Maisons Laffitte is famous for its amazing château and renowned racing track. Its population of 25,000 lives in a wonderful setting and students at Paris' many universities can reach the heart of the capital in minutes.

Student residence in Maisons Laffitte

The Belle Isle residence on the banks of the Seine provides students with new rentals and lots of facilities (laundry room, study room etc.)

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