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Preparing for your arrival at the accommodation

The lease

The lease also called a rental contract allows you to formalise the rental and thus defines the tenant and owner's obligations.
The lease is a compulsory document during any rental which must be written and signed by both parties.
It is essential to acquire the status of tenant.

It is made in 2 copies, 1 of which will be given to you. You must keep it some safe, you can use it as proof of residence.

The security deposit

The security deposit is an amount paid by the tenant to FAC-HABITAT to ensure the execution of their rental obligations.
It corresponds to 1 month's rent excluding charges. It is returned in its entirety within the legal time limit of 60 days following the end of your lease if you are not liable for any sums payable to FAC-HABITAT and if the housing is in a good condition.

Specifically: There are schemes to help pay the security deposit: The loca-Pass.
For all information, visit, for example, the website www.aidologement.com or www.actionlogement.fr.

The joint surety

A deposit is generally requested when the tenant's income is insufficient. The guarantor is the person who guarantees the deposit. They undertake to comply with all the obligations in place of the tenant if the latter can no longer cope with the payment.

Garantme offers a rent guarantee service! Garantme guarantees the landlord's income for the tenants without guarantor with a complete, analyzed, certified and guaranteed file.

Garantme allows you to rent at Fac-Habitat when you do not have a guarantor. To obtain the guarantee, simply make a request on their website (click here); and in 24h Garantme comes back to you. When your room is allocated to you, you pay a fee to Garantme who sends you the guarantee.

Moving in schedule of condition

The Moving in schedule of condition is a document signed by the lessee and Fac-Habitat, which is used to describe the state of the housing when moving in. It helps to make a sort 'snapshot' of the condition of the accommodation prior to moving in and precedes the handover of keys.

It is important for both parties to notify any findings regarding the accommodation in writing. It will be the same when you leave.

Financial support

Housing assistance

APL (Personalised Housing Allowance) or ALS (Social Housing Allowance) are forms of assistance paid out by the Family Allowance Fund which you may receive (according to certain criteria). An application file will be offered to you when signing the lease. If you wish, our advisers are available to help you complete this fie. It must be submitted by you, to the CAF (Family Allowance Fund), before the end of the first month of living in the accommodation.

We advise you to make a calculation simulation for any housing assistance which you may receive.

Specifically: You can only receive this assistance if the lease is in your name. Â On the other hand, it cannot be combined with family allowance.


Aide Mobili-Jeune

Everyone aged 30 and under in vocational training (apprenticeship, vocational or sandwich course in a non-agricultural private sector company) is entitled to a grant of up to 100€ per month for 6, 12 or 18 months.

For T&Cs and application forms, please visit the website:


Home insurance

Home insurance is mandatory. It will have to be taken out before entering the premises, and presented to Fac-Habitat no later than when the keys are handed over. When signing your lease, and in order to assist you with your administrative formalities, Fac-Habitat will offer you multi-risk home insurance.

It is very important and will cover the property in case of tenant risks.

You will need to produce your insurance certificate each year.

Specifically: In case of fire or water damage, you will need to fill out the following PDF document and return it to your insurance company as soon as possible


Perhaps are you one of the students who are entitled to a grant? Grants based on social criteria, merit grants or DEA-DESS grants &

Check with yourCROUS (centre responsible for student social services), it would be a shame to miss out!

The CROUS manage the DSE (Student Social File) which allows you to simultaneously apply for grants and housing, online (www.cnous.fr).


The banks offer "special student" loans of up to 50,000Â ¬. The repayments are made at the end of the study periods.

However, make sure you negotiate the rate well so as not to be over indebted and make the most of the competition: the family banker will not necessarily make the best offer!

Specifically: A loan may be one solution to finance your studies or other projects, but your student status also gives you access to specific rather favourable terms offered by the banks.

The move and change of address

A move requires preparation... To avoid any problems, it is best to think ahead and prepare your move, rather than improvise. If you're moving into a studio or a place with two-rooms you don't need to use professionals, they are strong and effective, but too expensive for such a small move! Choose the good old method which has proven to be effective: enlist your family and friends, rent a vehicle and get on the road!

 For the vehicle

Use a category C utility vehicle i.e. 9 m2. The rental agencies have almost all identical offers. The problem is if you're a young driver. In all cases, you must be at least 21 years old and have held a B licence for at least 12 months. Most agencies impose a surcharge, which is often costly, for drivers under 25 years old. The best solution may be to ask one of your parents to drive the vehicle. Finally, please note that the rates are less expensive during the week.
Also, make sure that everything can fit in your new building: can grand-mother's cabinet go up the staircase? Can the sofa bed get through the entrance passageway?
Web:www.ada.fr, www.europcar.fr, www.hertz.fr, www.rentacar.fr, www.sixt.fr


The moveDon't let anyone other than you pack the boxes, otherwise you won't know how to find your things after the move. Remember to have a system when packing your boxes (all kitchen items in the same box, etc.) and clearly indicate what they contain. Remember to prepare a survival box for your first day in the apartment. To avoid having to unpack it all straight away.
You may be able to get some boxes from hypermarkets. With a little luck, you can get a few, find out the delivery days and times!

Change of address

A few days before the move:

  •  notify your insurer,
  •  notify your bank,
  •  cancel your electricity, gas and telephone accounts,
  •  open new accounts,
  •  transfer your subscriptions to magazines or newspapers to the new address,
  •  complete a form at the Post Office to forward your mail.

A few days after the move:

  •  notify the tax office of your change of address: the tax office and the treasury of your former home, the tax office for your new home.
  •  register on the electoral register.

Specifically: You can also declare your change of address directly online: My public service

And / or redirect your mail online for a period of 6 to 12 months renewable: Redirection The Post Office

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Choose the city for the residence you want using the map of France in "our residences". The description of the chosen residence will then appear. You can now book your choice of apartment by clicking "Book". 
Step 2
Put your file together
You must complete an information form about you and one about your guarantor after confirming your choice of apartment. We will process your file as soon as possible once it has been sent.  
Step 3
Sign your lease online
After your application has been accepted and a rental has been allocated, you'll have access to your rental contract and appendixes. You have 5 days to initial and sign the documents and return them to us with items to confirm your booking. The dates for the inventory and key handover will be...
Step 4
Welcome home!

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For its services, its adapted prices, and experience in addition

User-friendly application for accommodation

User-friendly application
for accommodation

An application dedicated to tenants for online leases and simplified procedures.

Rent withoutsurprises

Rent without

 The rent only incudes charges and contribution. Application fees do not apply.

Maintaining Environmentalsustainability

Maintaining Environmental

Actions include : energy savings and eco-gesture awareness

Convenient for students

Convenient for

Close to campuses, well connected, with services (laundry, bike parking, etc.) and furnished accommodation

Experience in supporting tenants' needs

Experience in supporting tenants' needs

Dedicated activities in residence: welcome drinks, health workshops, etc.